Why Preparing the Night before an Interview is Crucial

You wouldn’t be human if you weren’t uptight the night before an important job interview. After all, your future is on the line (well, at least the short-term future!), so it’s no wonder why you’re feeling stress. You’ve probably already gone over in your mind all the things that could go wrong (you overslept, your car wouldn’t start, you got lost, or you couldn’t answer some of the interviewer’s questions), all adding to your list of concerns.

But there is a solution–it’s called preparation. So, instead of spending the night before your interview fretting, prepare for the big day and eliminate much of the stress so that you can get a good night’s sleep. Here’s what you need to do:

Lay out what you’re going to wear

You shouldn’t be stressing about your outfit on the morning of the interview. Think about the look you want to project, and try on a few outfits to ensure that they work for you. But do it the night before when you’re not rushed and can be more objective.

Map your trip

Go to Google Maps and get directions to the company, or download an app like Waze to give you step-by-step directions. Check your emails from the company for information on parking and where to enter. If you’re interviewing at a large company, give yourself extra time for going through security.

Gather all the essentials

Here are a few things to remember:

  • A fully charged phone in case you’re stuck in traffic
  • A stain stick for the inevitable coffee spill
  • Extra copies of your resume
  • Breath mints
  • Cash for parking or tips

Jot down the details

You’re sitting in the lobby minutes away from your interview, and you suddenly draw a blank on the hiring manager’s name. Write down all these little details on a cheat sheet the night before and avoid a huge embarrassment. List the names and titles of those you’re scheduled to meet, along with any questions you wanted to ask and accomplishments you intended to point out.

Plan to eat

You don’t want to get dizzy or start sweating in the middle of your interview because you failed to eat and your blood sugar levels dropped. And you don’t want hunger (or “hanger”) to throw you off stride. So, plan to eat a nutritious breakfast (or lunch, if you have an afternoon appointment) and stave off this potential embarrassment.

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