It’s Essential to Prepare for These Interview Questions

Let’s face it; you’re going to be asked some common (and maybe some uncommon) questions during your job interview. You won’t be able to prepare for every single question that’s thrown at you because there will probably be a curve ball or two in the mix. Despite that, you can still rehearse for a wide range of typical interview questions.

Review the following common questions by giving your answers out loud. Do this with a friend, and you’ll simulate an actual interview more closely. Practicing your answers and doing thorough research will help you to look and feel confident.

Here are some of the questions you can expect:

Tell me about yourself

While this is technically not a question, it can be one of the hardest to answer. Don’t get carried away with unnecessary details of your life. Stick to short statements about your skills and experiences and how they match up with the job description.

 Why should we hire you?

Here’s your chance to tell the hiring manager what sets you apart from other candidates and why you’re a perfect fit for the position. By using some of the words in the job posting as you talk about yourself, you’re telling the interviewer you’re a good fit without being too obvious.

Why do you want to work here?

All of your research comes into play with this question. Understanding the elements of the job and having a mental list of your skills and work history that meet the job’s requirements will serve you well in showing that you are set up to succeed in this position.

What’s your greatest strength?

You may do some bragging now. For example, if you worked in a machine shop, list all of the machines you were able to operate and explain how this gave your supervisor lots of flexibility in assigning you to jobs that need to be completed quickly.

What are your weak areas?

You should be prepared with one or two examples of skills you’re working to improve. If you’re a fabricator, for instance, you might not have had much opportunity to do TIG welding, but you’ve been attending classes at the local vocational-technical school to improve your skills in that area. Try to put a positive spin on any weaknesses that you mention.

What’s your salary range?

Don’t be blind-sided by this question and make the mistake of throwing out a low figure. Research typical salaries in the field, and be ready when this tricky question comes up.

Do you have questions for me?

This is usually the last question from your interviewer, so be sure to have some questions prepared. You now have the opportunity to interview the hiring manager!

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