How Can You Keep your Workforce Engaged?

If you’re looking to retain your valuable employees (and it’s a good bet you are!), you’ll need to look past your compensation package. Financial rewards, while important, are usually not at the top of your workers’ lists when it comes to rating job satisfaction.

When employees are polled about happiness at work, they list intangibles—being appreciated and valued, along with feeling like part of a team—consistently higher than money. Having your workers engaged, it would seem, is the key to their satisfaction at work and, by extension, the secret to keeping them around.

Here are some tips to help you keep your valuable people engaged:

Share the organization’s vision

You know the direction in which you want your company to move. Now, be sure to share that vision with your employees. They can use it as a roadmap for any decision they make and each task they undertake.

Give them the tools to get there

Give your people the tools, training, and support to do their job. Don’t assume they have everything they need—check in with them regularly and ask them.

Make communication a priority

Communicate with your team members often. Regular group meetings, one-on-ones, training sessions, and newsletters are just some of the methods of communication that keep your workers up to speed and engaged.

Get everyone involved in planning and execution

Ask your employees for input and use their ideas. This gives them a vested interest in seeing the project succeed and can also lead to finding more productive ways to work.

Provide plenty of feedback

Give your workers feedback as often as possible. It can encourage a continuation of solid performance or give them an opportunity to correct sub-par work.

Show that you trust them

Managers need to pay attention to the big picture and the details, but that doesn’t mean they should micromanage. You must trust your workers to fulfill their part of the company’s vision without looking over their shoulder.

Give your stars special attention

There are going to be some high achievers on your team. It’s critical that you keep them fully engaged with new projects, special training, or career development courses.

Find ways to avoid layoffs

Your employees should know that you’re doing everything possible to keep them working. You might need to be creative—pay cuts, fewer hours or both—until the crisis passes.

Reward them appropriately

Incentive programs work well for any business. They can motivate and keep your workers engaged. And the program’s cost can be based on the workers’ performance, which is a benefit for everyone.

Do you need more tips on engaging your current workers?

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