How to Create a Positive Work Environment

You may have heard this in some form or another, and it is true: The speed of the leader is the speed of the team. Now think about this: The mood of the leader is the mood of the team.

Have you ever walked into an establishment—a store or bank, for instance—and everyone working there looks unhappy? It’s as if a dark cloud has descended over everyone. Want to know why? Just look at the person who is in charge. That’s who is most likely establishing the atmosphere.

Conversely, that same person has the opportunity and the power to set a different tone for the workplace. And it’s not that hard to do. Try these tips to create a positive work environment:

1. Say “thank you” to someone

Thank a team member whenever they do something helpful or important. Saying thank you for even the smallest acts will raise spirits throughout the office or shop.

2. Spread some cheer

Give your people a smile during the day, and be sure to start every day by walking around and saying “Good morning.”

3. Celebrate a company success

Start your next meeting by sharing something positive about a current project or some newly booked work.

4. Change your responses

When someone disagrees with you, don’t get defensive. Instead, take time to consider the other person’s reasoning.

5. Set a positive example

This should go without saying: If you want an upbeat work environment, it must start with you!

6. Give encouraging reinforcement

Tell your team members you’re impressed with something they are doing or you appreciate their efforts. This type of reinforcement helps create a positive environment.

7. Foster a fun atmosphere

Add some light fun by picking a day to have an ice cream truck deliver treats during break time or order in barbeque chicken for lunch. These are small acts that have a large impact on morale.

8. Celebrate milestones

Find occasions to celebrate with others—birthdays, new baby, new house, a hole-in-one over the weekend. Good things are happening in your team members’ personal lives. Celebrate them!

Moods are contagious! It’s up to you to make sure it’s a positive mood that’s being passed around your workplace. Always think about how you would want to be treated if things were reversed. (That’s called The Golden Rule).

And if nothing else convinces you to create and maintain a positive work environment, think about this: Study after study has shown that happy workers are productive workers. When all of your employees cease to dread coming to work, your bottom line will grow as quickly as workplace morale!

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