Make Yourself a More Marketable Candidate by Learning New Skills

It’s an ever-changing world, and nothing seems to change more quickly than the skills that are required in the workforce. What does that mean for someone like you who is hoping to land a new job? It says you better have acquired some of those skills so you can position yourself as a marketable candidate.

Companies are looking to remain competitive, and one way they do that is by hiring new workers who are comfortable with the latest technology and possess the soft skills that fit into their company’s culture. If you are hoping to be at the top of the candidate list, you can begin by learning some new skills while developing the ones you have.

Here are a few that will give you an advantage in the job market:

Analyzing data

Even if you’re not interested in a traditional data job, you can benefit from being able to analyze data in today’s work world. Data are driving more and more aspects of work, and companies are searching for employees who can understand, interpret, and use it.

Are you not familiar with data analytics? Don’t fret. You can learn or improve those skills with an online course.

Social media literacy

Remember when Facebook was the place to go when you were bored? Times have changed. Social media has altered the way companies do business. And if you understand the way Facebook—along with Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and all the others—works and how to use it effectively, you will have the upper hand on candidates who don’t!

Problem-solving skills

Problem-solving is one of those soft skills that never go out of style. If you can show your boss you know how to troubleshoot, come up with a solution, and resolve an issue, you will become a valuable worker. During your interview, give the hiring manager examples of when you took those steps and became a successful problem solver.


Businesses will always be looking to hire those who can come up with a fresh approach to their work. They are the antithesis of the worker who says, “This is how we did it at my last job.” They find new methods for increasing production or cutting operating costs. Let the interviewer know how you previously used your creativity for the benefit of your employer.

Business sense

Employers are starting to look for candidates who go beyond just knowing their job. They want someone who understands business principles and can relate to other departments and the organization as a whole. Show a hiring manager that you have some business sense, and you’ll become an attractive candidate.

Look to the professionals for help

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