How Will a Recruiter Help Me Find the Right Opportunity?

Recruiters are the eyes, ears, and advocates for job seekers. They often know of opportunities that haven’t been advertised yet, and they can help you by being both a coach and an advisor during the job-hunting process.

An experienced and reputable recruiter will help you fine-tune your resume and cover letter, prepare you for interviews, advise you on employment issues, and manage salary negotiations. This last service can be especially beneficial since studies have shown that only four out of every ten people have negotiated their salaries when moving to new jobs.

Here are a few things to consider if you are undecided about using a recruiter.

You don’t pay them

While a recruiter is mainly working for their client, the employer, they will also look out for your best interests. Of course, the company will be paying their fees, but recruiters need to make sure they are finding the right candidate for their client’s open position. The recruiter serves as a liaison between a hiring manager (the company) and their future employee (the candidate). You need to remember that the recruiter’s client has an open job to fill, and a recruiter will be trying to find a person that fits the requirements of the job. That’s where you come in.

What process does a recruiter follow?

There might be subtle variations among recruiters, but they typically follow a similar process:

  • The client has a job opening: It all starts when a client calls with an open position. The recruiter takes in all of the details and begins working on a job description, salary range, benefits, skills required, and starting date.
  • The job is posted: The recruiter will use his company’s website, social media, and any relevant job boards to advertise the opening. They will also contact candidates in their network to find out if they are looking for work. Important note: If you are part of a recruiter’s network and you meet the requirements for the job, you will be getting that call.
  • The applications start arriving: On average, each posting gets around 250 applicants. The recruiter eliminates the non-qualified applicants and sets up interviews with the rest. It’s the recruiter’s task to present only those candidates who match the skills, experience, and personality that the client wants. Again, a relationship with a recruiter could have you at the top of the candidate list if you qualify.
  • Company interviews: When you are chosen to interview with the hiring company, your recruiter can help you get ready. Interviews can’t be taken This is your chance to state your case as the perfect fit for the company and to avoid making fatal mistakes. Your recruiter will coach you on interview etiquette and how to make a good first impression.
  • The job offer: When you receive a job offer, your recruiter will be there to facilitate any negotiations. If you are working with a recruiter who is an industry expert, they can ensure that you get a fair market offer.

It’s worth noting that you should stay in touch with your recruiter in case your situation changes and you need this service again.

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