Why a Great Company Culture is Key to Finding Great Workers

Company culture has always been important, but smart organizations are beginning to realize just how vital it is to their overall success. Not only does your culture set you apart from the competition and help you increase your sales, but it also attracts the best workers and enhances your productivity.

Millennials, in particular, are drawn to companies that share their values.  They choose to work for companies where they feel their work will be making a difference. For them and other younger workers, a good cultural fit is critical.

Companies that take a passive approach to culture, believing that they can’t control it anyway, are often harming their organization. If there is not a distinct culture attached to your business, you could be overdue for building one. If for no other reason, you will start attracting more talented workers to apply for your open positions.

Here is how a strong culture can help improve almost any organization:

It enables you to build a brand identity.

Your company’s brand can be characterized as its personality and the closer that your potential customers and employees can identify with your personality and get to understand it, the better chance that they will want to buy from or work for you.

As you define your culture, you’re also setting your organization’s values and goals. Candidates who match them will feel a connection with your brand and will want to be a part of it. Your company’s culture establishes this bond.

It helps your company appeal to and retain talented workers.

You already know the importance of skills and experience when you’re hiring new people. But hiring someone who fits your culture can be every bit as important. Having a culture that appeals to the right kind of candidates can make all the difference between mediocre and extraordinary results.

When you can bring in individuals who fit into your company’s culture, they will immediately contribute to your success, and the chances that they will stick around for the long term are much improved.

Your current employees become your strongest advocates.

Workers who fit comfortably into a culture are engaged and generally happy at their jobs. So they are the perfect advocates for helping you find the right kind of talent when there are openings. Make sure you’re leveraging those talented employees already working for you. Ask them to speak positively on your organization’s behalf.  You can expand your talent pool exponentially with the help of your employees’ networks.

Loyal employees attract more of the same.

Organizations that have a strong culture have workers who enjoy the challenges of their job, collaborate with their co-workers, and appreciate the atmosphere of the workplace. They feel a sense of purpose and have goals that drive them.

As others find out about your culture, they will want to be part of that community. Just as talented workers tend to attract other talented workers, the same can hold true for loyalty.

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