Important Tips to Consider When Changing Jobs

It’s one of life’s significant events. Leaving one job to start another can be exciting and fill you with hope for the future. It can also create its fair share of stress, which can cloud your thinking and prevent you from making the most of this life-changing move.

Many people who change jobs don’t give much thought as to whether they are doing it correctly. After all, it’s just a matter of closing one chapter in your career and opening another one. Right?

While it might seem simple on the surface, there are a few things to consider so that you avoid making mistakes that could damage you personally and professionally. Here are three of them:

Take the high road.

Remember that your excitement isn’t likely to be shared by your soon-to-be former employer. And that’s understandable. You’re leaving the company with the disruption and expense of replacing you, not to mention the rejection they’re feeling right now.

You could ease the transition for them by offering to stick around for a short period until they get your replacement onboard. Your old boss might not accept your offer—now that you’ve decided to leave, they don’t want you hanging around too much longer—but the important thing is that you took the high road and offered to help.

Don’t forget anything.

The first item on the list of things you shouldn’t forget about is your 401(k). When you switch jobs, there are usually three options from which to choose:

  1. Leave your retirement funds in your former employer’s plan (typically not recommended).
  2. Transfer your 401(k) into the new employer’s plan, if they allow it. This option gives you better control.
  3. Do a direct rollover to an IRA. If you want to have the most investment options and maximum control of your retirement savings, this is the way to go.

It’s also important to check if any company benefits—such as life, disability income, or long-term care insurance through your company—can also be transferred to private policies with the insurer when you leave.

Take advantage of your fresh start.

Make the most of your new beginning. Drop some of those bad habits you’ve accumulated and replace them with good ones. Use your clean slate to learn methods for managing your time more efficiently or perhaps to add a new skill.

Make smart selections when choosing your new benefits package. And speaking of benefits, take the time to learn about all of yours. A new job is an opportunity for a do-over. All those things you’ve thought you should be doing? Now’s the time!

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