Improving Employee Satisfaction to Increase Retention

Employee satisfaction is essential to higher productivity, increased motivation, and a better retention rate. But many companies find it challenging to come up with ways to boost job satisfaction and keep their businesses competitive and profitable.  And a new survey, which indicates that only 45 percent of American workers are satisfied with their jobs, means that employers must make changes or face the possibility of losing valuable workers.

Managers who can expand the potential, abilities, and talents of their teams will have a competitive advantage over those who don’t. Engaged and motivated workers have a higher level of job satisfaction. So, here are some suggestions for improving employee satisfaction and building a more productive work environment.

Start by creating a positive workplace

The most important factor in the process of generating job satisfaction begins with a positive work environment. Happy workers are developed in companies that go the extra mile in providing for the needs of their people. And in many cases, it’s not always the grandiose benefits that keep them loyal to the organization. Sometimes it’s merely things like employee discount programs and allowing flexibility to those workers with children that contribute to a motivating working environment.

Recognize and reward them

There’s nothing quite like a pat on the back or a thank-you note for a job well done to motivate and increase morale. Small celebrations for completing a project on time or under budget work wonders in making workers feel appreciated. And while cash bonuses are fine, something along the lines of a paid weekend retreat will be even more effective.

Allow them to contribute their ideas

Your workers are more likely to stick around if they are engaged at all levels of the company. By giving them the means to contribute their ideas, they develop feelings of ownership and pride as they participate in the processes of the entire organization. It’s a great way to turn ordinary workers into innovative team members and increase your retention rate at the same time.

Help them to improve their skills

Give your employees what they need to be more creative and productive. Advanced training and continuing education programs help your people to exercise more control over their jobs, which means they need less supervision and are more motivated because they have a better understanding of the business. The training and education pay dividends by giving your company a competitive advantage. And these highly-trained workers are typically satisfied with their jobs, tend to have better attitudes, and stay around for the long haul.

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